#Times Up

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Did you see Oprah at the Golden Globes on Sunday?  OMG what a compelling motivating speech.  I don’t know about you but I was totally moved and inspired by her words.  #Times Up!! and boy is it ever.  Woman are finally speaking up and letting their voices be heard.  For years we allowed ourselves to be less than, or not feel like we deserved equal pay for equal work but hey guess what #Times Up!  Enough is enough.  We have to continue to  support each other and acknowledge our voices not only for equal pay but for our own self respect.  For some it’s harder than others to speak up.  I have been in that position myself, I used to be terrified to express my needs in fear that I would be shut down or humiliated.  As I continue to acknowledge my fear and gain more confidence, I am able to express myself regardless of the response.  It’s not easy, I’m still learning but it gets easier and easier the more I walk into the fear.

The Times Up movement will bring awareness and confidence to woman to finally say it’s ok, I matter and I deserve to be heard. Lets keep the conversation going and help each other through the journey to make this a movement that eventually will just be part of our everyday lives.



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