Its not about blame

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The minute you start talking about your childhood wounds, chances are your parents will be involved in the discussion.  Everyone says to me, ” it wasn’t their fault”  No it’s wasn’t their fault, they did the best they could with the tools they had.  My parents didn’t have a clue on what it meant to take responsibility for their feelings back then so they couldn’t teach us to do the same.

When someone in your present day triggers you and they remind you of your parent, don’t push your emotion down and ignore it, instead use that reminiscent  experience to take that intense emotion back to your childhood and heal the wound that is being provoked.  Don’t blame your parents for something they couldn’t do or weren’t capable of doing.  Take responsibility for your feelings and help yourself feel better.  If you continue to blame your parents for your unhappiness in your life, you will continue to victimize yourself and stay stuck you in your misery.


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